Improving the lives of people with

Primary Immune Deficiency

Learning To Live With Covid When You’re Immunodeficient

On 26th April 2022, Lynda Rhodes and Sue Dimmock took part in a series of UK radio interviews to coincide with World PID Week 2022.  The topic this year was Learning To Live With Covid When You’re Immunodeficient, and this covered a variety of topics including

#   how the removal of all Covid restrictions is impacting on people with immunodeficiency

#   how effective Covid vaccines are for this cohort

#   what treatments are available

#   mental health impacts

#   a call on the government to push ahead with prophylactic treatments to allow people with immunodeficiency to begin to live a normal life again.

Some of the interviews were live and others recorded for later airtime, but will cover stations across the UK, including Radio News Hub and Sky News, as well as pre-recorded syndication across BBC local radio.

Although both Lynda and Sue found the 2-hour session tiring, they felt it was so worthwhile to get these messages out to a nationwide audience and to raise the profile of UKPIPS.

There is a 41-page news release that goes with the podcasts, with an estimate of 42,661,100 people listening to the recordings – many thanks to Lynda and Sue for putting UKPIPS out there!

If you want to hear the interviews, go to the podcasts page.


Published 5th May 2022

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