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UKPIPS News for patients on IRT

Due to a drop in plasma donations (because of the Covid pandemic) together with an increasing demand for immunoglobulin (year on year), there is a current shortage of some products that is likely to affect us in the UK.

UKPIPS has direct reassurance from the NHS that Primary and Secondary Immunodeficiency patients on IRT will not be adversely affected by the shortages in the long-term (see bottom of news post).  There may, however, be some short-term changes to treatment.

Right now, we are only aware of one product (Privigen® 10% (IVIg)) that is in short supply but there could be others as the situation develops over the next 12 months.

For those on Privigen® 10% (IVIg), the NHS advises you may be approached by your Immunology consultant to consider changing to sub-cutaneous infusion (SCI), but this will only happen if you are absolutely comfortable with the change, and it is clinically appropriate.

For those on sub-cutaneous home delivery (SCIg), you are likely to be contacted by your home care provider to let you know that deliveries will be changing to 4 weeks.  This is to manage supplies of product and, whilst it may cause concern and inconvenience, we assure that your supply is being very carefully managed between the NHS, the four-nation immunoglobulin expert groups, and the pharmaceuticals.

UKPIPS will keep its members up to date with any further changes to supply information and will continue to work closely with the NHS in the four nations to assist in managing this situation.

If you have any concerns or need to speak to one of the UKPIPS team directly, please use the web contact form.

* For Primary Immunodeficiency (PID) members on long-term IRT, immunoglobulin supply is protected.

For Secondary Immunodeficiency (SID) members on long-term IRT, we do not expect you to be affected but please let us know if you are concerned about any changes being proposed to your treatment.

Published 2nd June 2021
Amended 11th July 2022 (Old News)

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