Improving the lives of people with

Primary Immune Deficiency


UKPIPS is a Registered Charity in England, Scotland and Wales – Charity Numbers 1148789 and SCO44636, and is funded mostly by grants from a limited number of pharmaceutical companies, and also by kind donations from a variety of sources in the form of fundraising events, bequests from Estates and one-off or regular monthly donations.

UKPIPS currently receives no financial support from either national or local government – this new website was made possible through kind donations in the memory of Rosalind Sawyer.

As a matter of policy UKPIPS does not charge Community Membership using its services.  This is part of our Constitution because the Trustees recognise that PID/PAD patients are often on very restricted incomes, so an annual membership fee might cause financial difficulty.

If you want to assist without having to pay, you can in several ways.

Amazon Smile  have an offer that if you buy through their website, they will make a small donation to your chosen charity (obviously UKPIPS😁)  every time you purchase something through Amazon Smile – see their offer  here.

Give As You Live  has a similar offer – they will provide a a small donation to your chosen charity (again, obviously UKPIPS😉) for a wide variety of websites – check out their offer  here.

If you would rather make a direct contribution, you can through Give As You Live’s charity donation system  here   which will contribute directly to UKPIPS and includes a Gift Aid option, so a £10.00 donation will be worth over £12.00 to UKPIPSYou can donate anonymously or not – the option is there for  you.

UKPIPS is grateful for the support of Takeda