Improving the lives of people with

Primary Immune Deficiency

What are the symptoms of an undiagnosed Primary Immune Deficiency?

People living with an undiagnosed Primary Immune Deficiency will probably suffer from repeated infections in their sinuses, chest, ears, gut and skins. Many of these infections will be serious such as pneumonia, some people will end up in hospital with infections that need iv antibiotics. People will often find themselves repeatedly going to their GP, who will treat them with antibiotics. The antibiotics will appear to get rid of the infection but within weeks or days, either the same infection or an infection elsewhere in the body will break out. Many undiagnosed patients are accused of not taking their antibiotics properly, of having hypochondria or Munchausen’s or of having other mental health issues. Parents of children with an undiagnosed PID are frequently accused of being over-anxious, not giving antibiotics as prescribed or of having Munchausen by proxy.