Improving the lives of people with

Primary Immune Deficiency

Talking about your PID

It’s inevitable that at some stage you’ll discuss your newly diagnosed condition with friends, family and colleagues at work. The chances are that hardly any of them will have heard of Primary Immune Deficiency and they may well jump to all manner of conclusions and will no doubt be sympathetic and want to offer advice. This could be suggestions of changing your diet, dosing yourself with various homeopathic remedies, drinking or eating foods that claim to “boost your immune system” and a raft of other stuff. Sadly, the bottom line here is that a PID is a genetic and life-long condition which no amount of foods, drinks, diet changes and homeopathic products can sort out. What sometimes makes matters worse is that you’ll likely receive this ‘advice’ when you may be feeling rather unwell and it won’t help. However, in your talks with those you know, it’s important to impress upon them that a PID is not a virus or an infection. There is no way anyone can ‘catch’ it or pass it on to others – and it is certainly absolutely nothing to do with HIV Aids!