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Primary Immune Deficiency

Fundraising Ideas

Many people offer to fundraise over the course of a year and two notable achievements include:

Two sisters started off one year by cycling from London to Southend on Sea. The next year they cycled from London to Paris and the year after that, cycled from Paris to Rome! We ring-fenced the money those events raised and the result is that we had sufficient funds to completely re-jig the website you are now visiting.

Another couple most generously decorated the outside of their house and garden with Christmas lights for two years in succession and most kindly gave UKPIPS the proceeds.

A study of your local paper will also be a source of fundraising ideas if you wanted to assist us, but some other options you might want to consider appear in the list below.

Some Top Fundraising Ideas that are Easy2Do

Are you looking for ideas to raise money for UKPIPS, or simply stuck for any idea? Then read our countdown for some fun fundraising suggestions:

  1. 24 Hour Event – A fundraising event that lasts 24 hours! A test of strength, stamina and who can drink the most coffee! A 24 hour event could be anything from a 24 hour football match right through to a karaoke session. (Note: Public liability insurance would be a good idea!!!)
  2. Dress Down Day – Ideal for places with strict dress codes such as offices and schools. People donate to charity in return for wearing casual clothing.
  3. Charity Car Wash – A fundraising car wash for your chosen charity is simple to organise, fun to do, and is a great way to raise funds.
  4. Charity Head Shave – Charity head shaves have long been a popular way of raising cash for good causes. The idea is simple and a great attention grabber, guaranteed to attract publicity to your chosen cause.
  5. Raffles – A great way to raise money for your chosen charity. If you can get businesses to donate prizes even better. Much like the lottery, raffles interest people as they have a chance of winning and if they don’t win their money is going to a good cause.
  6. Sweepstake – Run a sweepstake in the office on how many times your colleague leaves their desk during the day or how many times your boss gets a cup of coffee. Charge for entry with the nearest guess winning a prize. A simple, yet effective way to raise money for your chosen cause. (Note: Some companies may discourage this type of fundraising on the grounds that it might be seen as ‘gambling’ on business premises. Be absolutely sure before you launch the idea!)
  7. Eating Competition – How many Burgers/Cream Cakes/Cornish Pasties/Doughnuts/Pizzas/Packets of Crisps can someone eat in 5 minutes? Charge to compete, with the winner receiving a prize. You could also charge spectators for watching.
  8. Garage Sale – One person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Why not organise a garage sale? You can spring clean your home and offload unwanted presents/items whilst making money for your chosen charity.
  9. Office Lottery – Run this fundraiser as a weekly event and watch the charity kitty build up. You need 20 people to enter, with each person paying £1 for a lottery number (1-20). If their number gets picked out of the hat they win half the money and the charity gets the other half. Not a big money maker but if you do this every week the money soon adds up. You could also increase the number of entrants if you work in a large office. (Ditto as per 6 above)
  10.  Charity Fun Run – Organise a charity run in your local area, make sure to promote the event in advance so athletes can gain sufficient sponsorship for the event. It is also important to choose a route which matches the ability of the runners.
  11. Sponsored Silence – This can be done at work, home or at school. Get your friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor you to remain silent for the entire day. A free and simple way to fundraise! Ideal for parents who might want an (occasional) quiet life!
  12. Pack Shopping Bags – Offer to pack people’s shopping bags at the local supermarket, in return for a donation. This is a great fundraiser and is ideal during the Christmas period. Ensure you gain permission from the store before promoting the event.
  13. Gift Wrapping Service – Another great Christmas themed fundraiser. Offer to wrap up presents in return for a fee. Make sure your fees cover the cost of materials to ensure a profitable and successful fundraiser.
  14. Easter egg hunt – This fundraiser is very seasonal but you can always replace Easter eggs with another product to make it an any-time-of-year event. Select a venue with plenty of space and lots of hiding places! Then charge each participant a set fee for entering the hunt. You could even write out riddles or a treasure map to make the search more exciting.
  15. Bike Ride – Organise a bike ride and get your friends and family to sponsor you. Great routes include London to Brighton and if you’re feeling slightly more ambitious Land’s End to John O’Groats.
  16. Dinner Party – If you are feeling adventurous and are confident in your own culinary skills, then why not fundraise through your own dinner party? You can ask your guests for donations when they arrive. You could also see if local business will donate prizes so you can have a raffle during the evening too.
  17. Book Sales – Dig out your old books and have a book sale at work, home or school. You could even ask friends and family to donate books to the cause.
  18. Car Run – If you like road trips, then this is the fundraiser for you. Get people to sponsor you to drive from A to B – the more extravagant the better!
  19. 70s Night – Organise a 1970s inspired disco, and give prizes for the best dressed. Enquire with venue owners and DJ’s to see if they will give you a discounted rate as you are hosting the event for a charitable cause. Charge party goers an admission fee, you could also sell food and drink at the event to raise even more money!
  20. Football Tournament – Organise a charity football match or tournament. Charge local teams an entry fee to take part. You could also charge participants a fee for watching. Present the winning team with a prize – turning this fun and exciting fundraiser into an annual event.
  21. Karaoke Evening – Host your very own Eurovision song contest. Each participant picks a country out the hat and has to dress in the style and character of that country. Elected judges will then award prizes to the best dressed and the best voice! You can raise funds by charging an admissions fee. If you are hosting it in a local pub, you could propose a cut on the drinks takings for the evening if you have a large enough party.
  22. Lunch Money – A simple, yet effective way to raise funds for your chosen cause. Ask your work colleagues or school friends to bring in a packed lunch for the day and donate the money they would have spent on their lunch to charity.
  23. No Smoking – Get people to sponsor you to give up smoking.
  24. Bad Dress Day – Encourage people to come to work or school in bad dress. Think, 80s jumpsuits or Hawaiian shirts. Charge those who take part £1.00 and those who don’t, suffer a fine of £2.00
  25. Sweets in a Jar – A quick and easy fundraiser, simply fill up a jar with sweets (remember to count how many you put in) and charge people a small fee to guess how many there are. The person who gets closest to the figure by the end of the day wins the lot!
  26. Coins in a Jar – fill up a jar with the loose coppers in your trousers or purse each day and when the jar’s full, send us a cheque for the jar’s value!
  27. Swear Box – Stick a swear box in the office, home or social club to raise money for charity. Every time someone swears they have to put a £1 in the box. It could soon fill up!
  28. Charity Cookbook – Cookbook fundraising is a definite recipe for success. Writing a charity cookbook is easy and straightforward. They can be great money-makers thanks to the low overheads and high profit margins. You can adapt the cookbook to fit any type of audience or theme. For example, ask work colleagues to submit family favourite recipes.
  29. Plant Sale – A plant sale is an easy to organise fundraiser and is great excuse for those of you who are keen gardeners to get together and raise lots of money for charity. Ensure you plan the event well in advance so people have time to sow seeds and cultivate plants.
  30. Open Gardens Day – a simple map and a sticker of private gardens open for the day for people to visit. Visitors get the sticker, a map of other participating gardens in exchange for a one time payment to the first garden they visit, while the sticker is proof of payment giving the visitor access to all the other participating gardens.
  31. Paper Planes – A very simple yet highly effective fundraiser! All you need is plain paper and an area to throw the paper planes. The aim of the game is to see who can throw their paper plane the furthest. You can charge participants a fee to take part with the winner receiving a prize.
  32. Recycling – There are numerous companies that will pay for recycled goods. Put up some posters at your workplace, school or around your neighbourhood advertising for people’s rubbish. You will receive money for broken phones, old ink cartridges and scrap gold to name but a few.
  33. Charity Film Night – This is a quick and easy fundraiser which doesn’t require too much organisation. Simply invite your friends and family over to watch the latest blockbuster in return for a donation to your chosen charity.