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UKPIPS - Liz Macartney Radio Interview

During 2018, UKPIPS has received requests from PID patients in its community membership concerning the availability of immunoglobulin for their regular infusions. Over a period of weeks, it became very clear that many unsubstantiated rumours on immunoglobulin supply throughout the UK were gaining in popularity within the community and causing unnecessary concern with those same patients.

Accordingly, on 9th November 2018, Liz Macartney, Founder and Chair of UKPIPS, again went on air to many commercial,  local and national radio stations Рwith a combined audience in excess of 4 million listeners -to clarify the current immunoglobulin situation and to confront the rumours that had clearly become a source of deep concern for those affected.

Highlights of those many interviews with the stations who talked to Liz on air have been compiled into a podcast. The Podcast has a running time of about 5 minutes (click here to listen to it)

There is however, another and longer sound file of Liz being interviewed by two separate stations. and this more detailed version (click here to listen to it) runs for just under 22 minutes.


All listeners should be aware that what Liz has to say in both interviews is the actual and current situation on immunoglobulin supply at this time and any patient who is given an alternative opinion or view by their local immunology centre on this important matter should notify UKPIPS immediately.