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The 21st April marks the start of World Primary Immune Deficiency week.

People with a Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) live for an average of five years of unremitting ill health before they are diagnosed.

The most common symptoms of Primary Antibody Deficiency (PAD) are repeated bacterial infections of the chest and sinuses. These infections usually clear up with antibiotics and then come straight back as soon as the course is finished.

There are Immunologists throughout the UK who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of Primary Immune Deficiencies. A list of  these can be found on the BSI (British Society of Immunology) website.

If there is even a suspicion that someone may have a PID they should be referred to a specialist immunologist who will be able to undertake all appropriate tests.

Patients who are left undiagnosed go on to develop brochiectasis and chronic damage to their sinuses. This can be entirely prevented by prompt diagnosis.

Once diagnosed, people living with a Primary Immune Deficiency will be offered treatments which will  literally change their lives for the better.

Please, make this world PI week one to remember, help to diagnose people living a half life of illness.

Download our poster “The Power of Ten” and take it to your GP surgery, ENT outpatients department and local chest physician. You may very well be saving someone’s life.

Thank you.