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This year, World P.I. week starts on Easter Monday – 21st April. UKPIPS is anxious to raise as much awareness as possible in Primary Immune Deficiency and is asking for your support.

Very few people have heard of Primary Immune Deficiency and for the majority, it’s an entirely new and completely misunderstood condition. We want to raise awareness of what many PID patients have to undertake on a weekly or fortnightly basis, when they have to stick a needle in themselves to infuse a blood product of immunoglobulin to help them fight infection.

World PI Week Liz Would you help UKPIPS to raise money by getting someone to photograph you infusing your immunoglobulin and get your friends and family to sponsor you to upload your picture to Facebook as well? Yes, charities are always asking for money – but UKPIPS is a bit different because it’s run by PID patients for PID patients and one of the things we like to try to give those with our disease, is hope. A way to do this is by holding Patient and Carer Weekends around the country. However, these aren’t cheap because each weekend costs the charity at least £7,000 to organise and run. We’ve got one planned this coming June in Scotland to celebrate our registration as a charity in Scotland – but we want to do more. We’d love to have an event in East Anglia and another in the north of England so that patients from Yorkshire, Teesside, Lancashire, the Lake District and Northumbria could attend.

But we can’t do it if the funds aren’t there!

The vast majority of PID patients too often find themselves socially isolated by their disease and the UKPIPS events bring groups of people (patients and Carers) together who too often feel they are ‘the only ones’ having to cope with a medical condition the rest of the world has never heard of and doesn’t understand.

Please do whatever you can to help us to help them – by providing some funds for a number of people to have a weekend away, with a much-needed break from the often daily misery that is primary immune deficiency.

Any donations are greatly appreciated.