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Some of you have contacted UKPIPS, worried that the sale of BPL will alter the way that plasma is collected for the production of BPL’s immunoglobulin products. A concern has been expressed about the use of plasma collected in America and the safety issues that this may raise.

BPL has issued both a general press statement about this and also a statement for patients using their blood products; we have put both of these documents on our website for you to read. Hopefully these will reassure you, particularly when you see that these plasma collections are extremely tightly regulated by government bodies both in America and in the UK. This regulation has proved to be effective for the last eleven years and UKPIPS is content that the sale of 80% of the business will not in any way change either this, the method used in the manufacture of immunoglobulin products or the plant used to manufacture these.

However, the plant that BPL is currently using is in need of updating and the Department of Health is not in a position to afford to do this. Without external funding BPL would, in time, be unable to continue manufacturing immunoglobulin products. It is desperately important that Clinical Immunologists treating patients with a Primary Immune Deficiency have access to a broad range of immunoglobulin products available to them. Had the BPL products disappeared from the UK market, patients would have suffered.

UKPIPS is content that the Department of Health has patient’s best interests at heart in choosing the option of Bain Capital to partner them in BPL. We hope to be working closely with the Department of Health and BPL to ensure the continuing safety of these products in the future.

Anyone who has concerns about their immunoglobulin treatment should contact their clinical immunologist or clinical nurse specialist at their treatment centres.

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