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Congratulations and our profound thanks to Emma Coldray, UKPIPS’ Area Co-ordinator for Hull in giving UKPIPS its first public launch.

On Saturday 25th February, primary immune deficiency patients at Hull Royal Infirmary moved from their previously occupied temporary style building into a new suite in one of the hospital’s main buildings.

Emma and her photographer husband were in attendance, together with several patients who had arrived to see the transfer went according to plan.

Emma said, “the staff were wonderful and willingly gave us space to display our UKPIPS posters. I was able to give out lots of UKPIPS leaflets, while and the staff were very interested to know about UKPIPS and the work it plans to do. They gave us their blessing and full support.”

Thank you, Emma (and your husband) for working so hard to put UKPIPS firmly on the public stage and we plan to visit Hull as one of the stop-offs during our “Big Drive” for World Primary Immunology Week at the end of April.