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Over the weekends of 30 Nov-1 Dec at the UKPIPS Conference in the Cotswolds and 6-7 Dec at the UKPIN Conference in Liverpool, UKPIPS launched its unique ‘Z’ Card for all patients with a PAD or PID.

This fantastic little document is the size of a credit card and therefore ideal for a purse or wallet. It contains vital information about you as a patient in the event you find yourself in a hospital A&E Department or a GP Surgery where Primary Immune Deficiency disorders are little known.

During the course of December 2013, UKPIPS is shipping a consignment of ‘Z’ Cards to every known Immunology Centre in the UK for Immunologists and Nurse Specialists to give to their patients when they come for a Clinic or simply to infuse.

Z Card cover

Printed on both sides, the ‘Z’ Card provides details of:

  • The patient’s Immunologist
  • Where he or she is based
  • Critical contact numbers and names of key immunology personnel in case of emergency
  • Patient next of kin details
  • The patient’s current range of medications
  • The patient’s former medications which can no longer be prescribed – and why
  • Medications which cannot be prescribed and allergies the patient may have
  • The patient’s immunoglobulin infusion methods, if self-administered by I.V. or SubQ routes
  • The patient’s immunoglobulin product and brand names, the manufacturer and the volume you usually infuse
  • Other medication aids you may need to use.

Many Immunologists were given a sample of the ‘Z’ Card at the UKPIN meeting in Liverpool, together with an explanatory
leaflet to share with their colleagues on ‘Z’ Card purpose and how it’s used.

You will be given your FREE ‘Z’ Card when you next go to your Clinic, but if you can’t wait until then and want one NOW,please send a stamped addressed envelope to UKPIPS Limited, 32 Avon Street, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 4LQ and write ‘Z’ Card in the top left corner of your outbound envelope.

Finally, a request.

Having obtained your ‘Z’ Card from your Immunologist, UKPIPS is very anxious to know how useful it is for you in the event you use it with non-immunology clinicians or Triage nurses – for example,in an A&E Department at a hospital which has no immunology facility.

Please be aware, the ‘Z’ Card has been designed from the outset to provide MAXIMUM INFORMATION for any clinician treating a patient with a Primary Antibody or Primary Immune Deficiency. It has been created with them in mind to help you, has taken over a year to develop, is the result of extensive research and no small amount of cost. If you feel your ‘Z’ Card was largely or completely disregarded when presented by you when you urgently needed medical help and did not result in an improved level of response or care for you or your carer, UKPIPS needs to know!!!!!

We will therefore be grateful for details of times, dates, location and people (especially names) involved so that your case can be taken up with the relevant hospital management at the location where you were treated.