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We were recently contacted by the ‘Z’ Card publisher asking if we would like to see the UKPIPS ‘Z’ Card entered into the Charity (Non-Profit) section of a global competition run by the publisher for the most original and practical use of a ‘Z’ Card.

UKPIPS is delighted to inform you that out of many hundreds of different ‘Z’ Card applications, our ‘Z’ Card has made it to the Grand Final in the Charity Sector and desperately needs every vote it can muster to help us win!

This is why we’re asking for your vote as a Patient and/or Carer.

Click on this link http://www.pocketmedia-awards.co.uk/ and scroll down the page until you reach the section for Charities – and follow the on-screen instructions. To place your vote, you’ll see four clickable tabs, one of which is labelled UKPIPS. Click on the UKPIPS tab and place your vote.

You’ll see we’re up against some very strong competition from Prostate Cancer UK, St. John Ambulance and Orchid Project, so only one of these four organisations can be the ultimate winner.

Because Primary Immune Deficiency is such a little known genetic disorder, please ask all your friends, wherever they may live, to vote for UKPIPS as we now have plenty of proof that the UKPIPS ‘Z’ Card has been a fantastic success in the UK since its launch in December 2013. Initial stocks have been sent to every Immunology Clinic throughout the UK and every patient – without exception – should have been given one by either their Consultant Immunologist or Clinical Nurse Specialist. If you don’t have your ‘Z’ Card,

Write to us at info@ukpips.org.uk telling us you want a ‘Z’ Card and let us know which hospital immunology clinic you usually attend so we can follow up to determine why you were not given one since the launch date last year.

While the existing ‘Z’ Card more than fulfils its purpose, we’re already working on an improved version which we’ll release when present stocks are exhausted.

Remember, EVERY VOTE COUNTS, so get yours in today – please!