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UKPIPS is extremely concerned that NHS Lothian have taken the decision not
to provide a properly resourced Clinical Immunology Department. This means
that Edinburgh will be the only Capital City in Western Europe that does not
provide such a service.

Failure to provide this will lead to extended periods of non-diagnosis for
people living with a Primary Antibody Deficiency. The potential consequences
of late diagnosis for these people are irreparable lung or other organ

Adult patients living in the Lothian area who are already diagnosed with a
Primary Immune Deficiency have no appropriate physician available to them to
provide the medical care which they need. At present they are either being
cared for in a paediatric setting or are having to travel to Newcastle on
Tyne to have a consultation with a Clinical Immunologist.

UKPIPS calls on NHS Lothian and NHS Scotland to reverse this decision
immediately and to take steps to ensure that Scotland really can claim to
offer to be “A world leader in health care quality”.

Please support our campaign to enable NHS Scotland to truly claim that they
deliver “the best quality healthcare to the people of Scotland” by
personalising and sending in the pro forma letter to  Mr Alex Neil which you
can find by following this link.