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Not many know of the “Spoons Theory” about high fatigue and low energy levels. If the “Spoons Theory” is new to you, have a look at this description – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spoon_theory


Anyway, while in no way seeking to make light of how people feel with these combined conditions, we thought there might be a way of making you smile to help you overcome ‘Spoons Shortage Days’.

This frame with a ‘spare spoon’ in it measures roughly 7.5 inches / 19 cms square and we make them up to order in-house. If a ‘Spoons’ frame might help to lighten your day and provide a talking point to your friends and visitors to you home, we’d be delighted to send one to you. They cost £10.00 each including postage and packing (UK only).

We’re currently in the process of re-vamping our website to eventually have a small e-commerce section (not yet operational) but until that is ready for launch, payment can be cash, postal order, 1st and/or 2nd class postage stamps to the same value or personal cheque.

Please do not place an order via the Donations page on this website. We only check those pages every few weeks for accounting purposes and the information they contain is very limited.

We do hope you like the idea of having your own ‘spare spoon’ in a handy frame as others love the idea.

Send your order to UKPIPS Ltd, De Montfort House, 7e Enterprise Way, Vale Business Park, Evesham WR11 1GU

Spoon Theory