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We have now finished this campaign and are waiting to hear back on the results. Thank you to everyone that helped. We will announce the results on our Facebook page.

Dear UKPIPS Friends and Supporters,

I am making a plea to you to help us to persuade the powers that be in Westminster, London – to implement a screening test for babies to discover those who have SCID; and therefore to be able to save them.

It would be amazing if you could fill in this letter and email it to adrian.byrtus@imperial.nhs.uk. by January 14th. Please could you also send these attachments (letter and covering letter) on to all of your contacts, friends, family and work colleagues and ask them to join with us in sending in these letters? It’s not often we are given the chance to actually save a baby’s life – but by doing this, today you have that chance.

Thanks so much,
Liz Macartney, UKPIPS