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We hope you had a wonderful Christmas 2012. Christmas cards can now no longer be purchased. We will let you all know when 2013’s Christmas cards are ready to purchase.

UKPIPS is delighted to announce its choice of Christmas Cards for 2012. All the card images come from our community of those with Primary Antibody Deficiency or other Primary Immune Deficiency – their children or close relatives. These people all fully understand the demands placed on a PAD or PID patient in terms of day-to-day living with the disease.

Click here to download your preview of the cards that are available. this file also includes ordering and pricing information.

Christmas Card sales are important income generators for all charities, large and small – so please bring our choice of cards for the coming season to the notice of your family, friends and colleagues.

And if you decide to order a few packs for yourself (as we hope you will?) – thank you so much for remembering UKPIPS and those it strives to support in these straightened economic times.

Happy Christmas everyone!

UPDATE AS OF 5th November 2012

Christmas Cards are now in stock and we’re mailing them to those kind people who have already¬†ordered. For as long as stocks last, we’ll be happy to try to meet your order – but don’t forget the usual Christmas rush. If you order late, your cards could get caught up in the usual “manic panic” and this might mean your cards to your nearest and dearest don’t reach them until the New Year !!!!