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Lots of you over the last year or so have been urging us to offer some ‘Zebra’ lapel pins so you can hopefully recognise other UKPIPS supporters in clinics and when out and about on your travels. It’s taken us too long to get this idea ‘sorted’ but we’re delighted to announce these little ‘zebra’ badges are now available. Modelled on the design shown above, the lapel pin measures about 2.5cms wide by 1.8cms high. They’re purple striped and we’re sure you’ll enjoy wearing yours.

Zebra Pin

They cost £3.00 each including p&p and are available only from the UKPIPS office.

We ordered 250 examples, so it’s first come first served. Attached is a much enlarged photo of one of the pin so you have an idea of how they’ll look. Please make cheques or postal orders payable to UKPIPS Limited.