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Liz Macartney
Chairperson & Trustee

Liz was born near Croydon & lived in Surrey until 2000 when she moved to Worcestershire.

She trained as a Nursery Nurse and spent the first ten years of her career working with severely disabled children.

When her son was 18months old, she worked with a steering group in Croydon to set up one of the first family-based respite care organisations in the country, where  people offered short term foster care to disabled children within their own homes.

After many years of extreme ill health, Liz was diagnosed with Common Variable Immuno Deficiency (CVID) in 1986. She helped set up the HGG Society for people living with a Primary Immune Deficiency in the late 1980’s, and worked as the Honorary Secretary, meeting many other people with Primary Immune Deficiencies and Immunologists from around the world. She was involved with the initial meetings to set up IPOPI, an international umbrella group for Primary Immune Deficiencies.

After The HGG Society became the PIA and was established with its first professional Chief Executive (David Watters), Liz continued with her own career.

Working for the charity, Crossroads Care, she was initially manager for a local group. After two years she became a Regional Adviser, enabling Trustees and Managers of local groups to run their not-for-profit organisations in a financially secure manner and within all relevant legislation.

She went on to run a branch of a private health care organisation offering care in the community to elderly and disabled people.

After moving to the West Midlands she was working as a Volunteer Co-ordinator for Warwickshire Association for the Blind when she met her husband John, who was working in the Fund-raising Department.

Now semi retired, Liz, a Granny to four, lives in Evesham with John and their two mad westie dogs. Asked what she hoped for her future in UKPIPS, she said “to set it up, and once it is in a strong position to hand it over to other, younger people, so that I can sit by the fire and knit!”

UKPIPS wishes to acknowledge and thank Daniel Northfield, a student at Birmingham University for his help with “Liz’ Story.” This video was originally shot for VHS video cassette use and not through the Internet. To show it from this website required it to be digitised and Daniel spent a lot of time both optimising the picture and sound quality. UKPIPS is greatly indebted to him for his work which he kindly undertook without charge.