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Geoff Moore

Geoff considers himself to be extremely fortunate. He has a family of grown up children who are all either working or in the later stages of their education. And in his busy working life he has travelled through all of the continents (but not the ice capped poles!) and has never been significantly hindered through ill health.

His fun time centres around a couple of old motorbikes, eating good Indian food and drinking too much beer. What more could you want from life!

He was diagnosed with CVID (then known as Hypogammaglobulinaemia) in the early 1970’s when treatment was less sophisticated.  In those days the answer was a weekly uncomfortable intramuscular injection whilst now comparatively the three weekly infusion offers little more than a rare opportunity to sit in front of the TV.

When Liz, Steve, John and Meg were brave enough to launch UKPIPS Geoff agreed to assist. He feels strongly that both the patient, the family and the undiagnosed all deserve a better deal in many respects.  UKPIPS can and will make a difference.