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Yesterday (12 July 2016), UKPIPS received an email from Grifols which is reproduced below and is self-explanatory.

Grifols has been supplying IVIG to the UK market continuously since 1993, we would like to re-assure you that the commercial decision to rationalise its IVIG product range to Flebogamma DIF 5% and Gamunex 10% has been made with the full knowledge of the UK Department of Health.

The discontinuation of the 10% strength of Flebogamma DIF is being carefully managed in conjunction with individual Trusts and specialist centres across the UK. The specialist nurses, consultants and pharmacists have already been individually informed in centres were Flebogamma DIF 10% is being purchased.

Please be assured that Gamunex is manufactured to the same high standards that are applied to Flebogamma DIF, the starting plasma is collected from the same carefully screened donor population in the USA and is subject to the same intensive testing regimes.

The prescriber and/or specialist nurse will be able to discuss the switching process with individual patients.

We anticipate that Grifols UK will have used up all warehouse stock of Flebogamma DIF 10% before the end of September. Our UK Customer Services and commercial colleagues are in regular and ongoing communications with individual hospitals to ensure that supply at a local level is matched to demand.

Our patient Q & A leaflet is attached to this e-mail and is also available upon request in hard copy.

Should patients require any further information they can seek help from their Health Care Professional.