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Further to the 18th July 2013 press release (Minister welcomes Bain Capital buying majority stake in PRUK), as a patient using BPL’s products, how does this affect you?

As you know, BPL manufactures plasma-derived products (e.g. immunoglobulins and clotting factors) from plasma collected in the US by DCI, a sister company. DCI has been supplying plasma to BPL since 2002 and both companies are part of PRUK (Plasma Resources UK).

The investment from Bain Capital secures BPL’s future in the UK. As stated in the press release, Bain has ‘committed to invest a further £50 million in the company to create a UK Life Sciences champion’ and ‘increase production capacity, refurbish and maintain the existing facilities, develop new products and expand the company’s international reach’.

Since 2002 DCI has supplied plasma from US donors to BPL to fractionate into the company’s medical products. The entire process is highly regulated by government agencies (such as the MHRA in the UK and FDA in the US) to ensure delivery of high quality products for patients. These regulatory requirements are independent of company ownership and we will, of course, continue to operate under these regulatory requirements going forward.

Also stated in the press release is Bain Capital’s very strong track record in partnering with healthcare companies, having completed over 50 such investments. Such a track record would not be possible without a stringent focus on patient safety and regulatory compliance. Bain Capital’s healthcare investments include: HCA, a leading acute care hospital operator; Warner Chilcott, a global specialty branded pharmaceutical company; and Quintiles, one of the leading global clinical research organisations, which runs clinical trials of potential new pharmaceutical products in patients. Like BPL, these companies operate in highly regulated environments where patient safety is paramount.

Finally, the Department of Health will keep a 20% equity stake in the Company. This will ensure the transition of ownership happens smoothly and in a way that is consistent with the Company’s on-going focus on patient safety.

In summary, while the safety and quality of BPL products will be maintained at the highest standards going forward, we expect the new £50 million investment program to allow BPL to further develop its existing products and introduce new ones to benefit patients.

I hope the above addresses any concerns you may have as a patient using BPL’s products.

Dr Tim Aldwinckle
Medical Director
Bio Products Laboratory Limited.