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It has recently come to UKPIPS attention that some Home Healthcare delivery
companies employed by various NHS Trusts and responsible for delivering
immunoglobulin products and related items, have been failing to meet their
delivery dates and supplying all the items required for patients infusing at
home. These ‘short shipments’ refer to immunoglobulin products, delivery
lines, subcut pumps, cannulas, butterflies, swabs etc.

UKPIPS takes this matter very seriously and has already taken up the matter
with one of the companies concerned.

We have already planned a meeting with various key organisations to address
this very unsatisfactory situation and the meeting will take place in
November. If you or anyone you know who infuses at home has experienced
similar problems as described above, will you please tell us? Ideally, we
need to know:

1. The name of the Home Healthcare company responsible for delivering the
immunoglobulin and related items.
2. The name of the person in the Home Healthcare Call Centre with whom the
user normally deals
3. The number of occasions over the last year (actual or estimated) that a
delivery has failed to reach you on the specified date or you were not
notified of this
4. A brief description of the items either supplied wrongly or not supplied
at all
Examples :
4.1 You received your immunoglobulin in larger or smaller quantities
than expected
4.2 You didn’t receive everything you expected
4.3 Your delivery was late and/or damaged
4.4 Your delivery was left on your doorstep in cold or hot weather

The above examples are not exhaustive and UKPIPS is very anxious to have
feedback from anyone who has had any kind of Home Healthcare delivery issue
that failed to meet their expectations and possibly jeopardised their
regular infusion. If this matter has affected you – even if only once –
please send an email to john.macartney@ukpips.org.uk or write to him at
UKPIPS, De Montfort House, 7e Enterprise Way, Vale Business Park, Evesham,
Worcs WR11 1GU and provide as many facts as you can. Please be as detailed
as possible.

This extremely serious situation obviously cannot be allowed to continue.
For this reason we *really* need your input so we can pass it on to the
organisations concerned and work with all of them to ensure a dramatic
improvement in the overall service level provided to all PAD and PID
patients who infuse at home.”