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The following statement has been issued by the UKPIPS Medical Advisory Panel on 2nd September 2014.

Fluroquinolone antibiotics such as CIPROFLOXACIN and LEVOFLOXACINE are very important antibiotics for people affected by antibody deficiency.

A recent study quoted in “The Vancouver Sun” (Article here) and widely highlighted on
Facebook, is of a type that requires proper confirmation. Even if the
allegations in the Vancouver newspaper and Facebook are true (and this is
not yet proven by any means) this would be a vanishingly rare complication.
It would have to be weighed against the certainty of ill health and the
likelihood of long term lung damage that would come from avoiding
antibiotics for those with antibody deficiency. Of course, we can and do use
other types of antibiotics, but CIPROFLOXACIN is likely to continue as a
well trusted and well tolerated part of our medicine chest for the
foreseeable future.