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UKPIPS is a registered charity in England & Wales (Number 1148789) and in Scotland (Number SCO44636). We rely solely on the generosity of donors for funding.

At present we derive no income from local or national government, so your contributions to our work are gratefully appreciated. Thank you for your support.

We have setup two systems to make it as easy as possible to make a donation to UKPIPS: Just Giving and CAF (Charities Aid Foundation):

Donations via Just Giving

Use Just giving to make one off donations or to work towards a fundraising goal. Click here to visit the UKPIPS Just giving page.

Make a Just Giving Donation Now.

Donations via CAF

In order to use this system you will first have to search for us. Simply enter UKPIPS into the text box titled: Keyword(s), phrase or Charity Number. Then press search.

UKPIPS Ltd will be displayed and you should be able to follow the on-screen instructions to make a donation. Should you require any assistance with this feel free to contact us.

Make a CAF Donation Now.