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Here’s an exciting little project we’d like all those in the UKPIPS
Community to get involved with if they can.

Earlier this year, an incredibly kind offer was made to us by a family who
have already been more than generous to UKPIPS and who want to continue to
help fundraise for us, so we felt we just had to bring this to the attention
of a far wider audience. When you look at your Christmas Card list, it
doesn’t take long to work out how many people we all know and in turn, from
that contact base, it’s amazing how many other people they’ll know. So
here’s the idea.

The person who made the offer to us has suggested we all try to contact
someone firmly in the public eye (and absolutely NO politicians, please!)
and ask them if they would be willing to provide a recipe for a favourite
dish and/or drink – be the drink alcoholic or not. What we’re after are
interesting variations on well-known recipes in the form of Starters, Mains
and Puds, with wines, punches, soft drinks (or whatever) to go with them.
There can be variations for interesting summer salads, or tasty ‘toasties,’
or sandwiches, or something that’s seasonal, buns, cakes and savouries.
There’s really no limit – and if you can eat it, we want to hear about it!!!

So who do you know – and who do you know who knows someone in the public
eye? Can you persuade your friends and relatives to come up with something
that could give ‘foodie’ pleasure to anyone who just loves good food and
especially if it has an interesting (and tasty) ‘twist’ to it?

If you can do this, we need the recipe, the name of the personality who’s
made it available and if at all possible, a photograph of them to either go
on their recipe or on the front cover.

The idea is to compile all these into a “UKPIPS Favourite Foods of the
Famous” (or some title of that sort) and we plan to make it available for
you to order in good time to give out as Christmas presents. Apart from
making this fun suggestion, the wonderful people who have made it have most
generously offered to pay ALL the costs for printing and binding and with
all the profits from sales to go to UKPIPS.

There are minimal rules and these are:

1. Primarily, we want recipes from people who are well-known to all of us –
and regardless of what they do in their careers, but NO politicians
2. Recipes should ideally be of the author’s own making and not copied from
‘Delia’, ‘Mrs. Beeton’, ‘Jamie’ or any others of that ilk.
3. Instructions for making the dish should obviously include all the
ingredients and instructions of how they are blended together.
4. There are no restrictions on the number of recipes anyone submits; we’ll
do our best to include them all and especially if they cover a range of
different dishes.
5. Regional variations with amusing or interesting names are certainly ‘must
6. The deadline date to have all recipes sent to us at UKPIPS is 31st AUGUST
2014 AT THE LATEST. They can be sent by email to
john.macartney@ukpips.org.uk or by post to:
UKPIPS Limited, 32 Avon Street, Evesham, Worcestershire WR11 4LQ. Any
photographs sent in as hard copy must have a stamped addressed envelope sent
with them if they need to be returned after being scanned

That’s about it for the time being and we’d love to be able to tell you now
how much the recipe book will cost – but this depends entirely on how many
recipes we receive. Be assured, as soon as we have a price indicator, we’ll
let you know as far in advance as we can so you can get in your order for
the number of copies you’ll need for your own use and hopefully, those of
your friends as well.

We hope you like this idea and PLEASE support us. Assembling this project
and getting it ready in time is going to involve a small number of people
working very hard to make it a reality – and while we obviously can’t reveal
the identity of those who have so generously offered to fund it, they too
want to see a large number of replies.

Let’s get famous people we know (or friends of ours who know them) to get