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On Tuesday 18th June, people in the UK with Primary Antibody deficiency finally got ‘noticed’ by the Daily Mail.

Click here to go direct to the Daily Mail website where you can read an article by Jenny Hudson that covered ONE WHOLE PAGE and describes Primary Antibody Deficiency and CVID for those (i.e. the majority of the population) who have never heard of it! Readers of the article should be aware the Daily Mail has NOT presented an accurate portrayal of CVID in terms of treatment, the way it is administered or the product used.  A “top up of fresh blood” is most definitely NOT the way this disease is treated.

As UKPIPS has a vital key interest in supporting those patients in the UK who have been diagnosed with CVID, it has contacted The Daily Mail pointing out the serious failures in its subject research and feels the newspaper should admit its misleading article content and publish important corrections.

As readers will see, Dr. Aarn Huissoon features prominently in the article concerned and by clicking here you will go straight to the Birmingham Heartlands website where Doctor Huissoon is the Consultant Immunologist.