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On 23rd April, Liz Macartney, Founder and Chair of UKPIPS was interviewed by many commercial and local radio stations around the UK for PID Week 2018. In each interview, programme hosts asked Liz in some detail about the GP diagnosis procedure for an as yet undiagnosed PID patient. As so many GPs in the UK have a very scant knowledge of PID and its diagnostic process, this leaflet titled “Diagnosing a patient with Primary Antibody Deficiency” (click here to download and print) can be taken to your own doctor for their review. Be aware that  the information in the leaflet has proved to be a critical ‘light bulb’ moment for many GPs who have received a copy at national and international conferences and exhibitions, enabling them to finally diagnose mystery patients who kept regularly presenting at their surgeries with the same or similar repeat infections.


The full range of UKPIPS publications can be found for downloading and printing at http://ukpips.org.uk/leaflet-library/