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This week is the European awareness week for antimicrobial resistance (infections that are no longer being killed by antibiotics).

In order to make sure that the antibiotics that doctors have available to them continue to work, it is essential that antibiotics are used appropriately. General practitioners and other Doctors are being encouraged not to prescribe antibiotics unless they are clinically necessary. UKPIPS wholeheartedly supports antibiotic stewardship, after all these medicines are life savers for people with a Primary Immune Deficiency (PID). However, we have been concerned at the increasing number of reports from our community members of GP’s refusing to prescribe antibiotics for their patients with a PID. With this in mind, our Medical Advisory Panel has prepared this FAQ for general Practitioners caring for PID patients. Patients are welcome to download this in order to share it with their doctors.

We hope you will find this information helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact UKPIPS if you need further information. Please click here to download the PDF.