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Dear All,

We have been working towards organising a series of meetings for you, to be held as near as possible to your treatment centres in Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh. We now have the funding to be able to do this and would like your views on whether you would like us to organise these for you?

People living in Scotland have very specific needs, given both the Health and Social Services legislation relating to them and the distances many of them have to travel to get to their specialist immunology centres.

We recognise that representing your needs at NHS level requires specific local knowledge and would like to give you the opportunity to form your own part of UKPIPS. This would mean that there would be Scottish money for Scottish projects which would be decided upon by you, the people living in Scotland with a Primary Immune Deficiency.

We are currently at a point of being able to register as a charity in Scotland. However, we will not do so unless we have an active constituency of patients within Scotland who would like to see UKPIPS (Scotland) become a reality. We have identified the period of October 17th to October 28th as a time which we could devote to holding meetings for patients who use the hospitals mentioned above, but we urgently need your opinion about whether you would like us to undertake these events before we set anything up.

Please could you complete this form and either send it to us in the post or else return it to us by email, to arrive with us no later than the end of August 2013, Receipt of a completed form will give us some idea of your thoughts and wishes about how patients in Scotland would like to be represented by UKPIPS.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely
Liz Macartney